Aspen Equipment’s full range of products from Henderson, Bibeau, and Scott Tafco in various sizes and materials ensures that you will find the right Dump Truck Body to suit your fleet’s particular demands. Whether it’s a compact nine foot contractor body or a 22 foot full hardox steel body, we take the time to work with you so that the correct capacities, weights, and roading laws are considered for your company. Call Aspen Equipment for more details and to get started.


  • Aluminum, stainless, mild or hardox steel construction
  • Lengths from 8 ft to 24 ft
  • Multiple side height options
  • Telescopic and underbody hoists
  • Hydraulic or electric-over-hydraulic systems
  • Heated bodies
  • Fold-down contractor sides
  • Tarp, lighting and tool box options
  • Tool and traffic management equipment storage

Contact our sales team at for current inventory or specific options offered by Bibeau, Henderson, and Scott Tafco.


Not all options available on all brands or models.
Scott Tafco Magnum series aluminum dump bodies
Henderson MKIV series dump body with split fold-down contractor sides
Scott Tafco Magnum series aluminum dump bodies
Nine foot Henderson stainless steel MKIII dump body with I-Pack box
Scott Tafco Magnum series aluminum dump bodies
Scott Tafco Magnum series aluminum dump body
Henderson mild steel MKE series dump body on single axle chassis