From a V-plow mounted on a pickup to a tandem axle highway plow truck, Aspen Equipment Co. can meet your municipal plowing needs. We offer a complete product line from industry leaders like Henderson, Western Plows, Force, and Certified Power to ensure you are provided a fully integrated, turnkey Snow Plow Truck system, all assembled under one roof.


  • One ton, single axle, and tandem axle bodies
  • Straight, V, and multi-width front plows
  • Front and rear mounted wings
  • Underbody scrapers
  • Tailgate and drop-in salt / sand spreaders
  • Liquid pre-wet and anti-icing systems
  • Live bottom combination bodies
  • Direct cast spreader spinners
  • Fully integrated plow truck hydraulic control systems
  • Municipal snow plow lighting systems

Contact our sales team at for specific options of snow plow trucks offered by Henderson, Western Plows, Force America, Certified Power, Whelen, and ECCO.


Not all options available on all brands or models.
Tandem axle plow truck with stainless steel body, plow, wing, and salt/sand spreader
Snow plow truck with stainless steel body, plow, wing, salt/sand spreader, and pre-wet system
"One ton" plow truck with stainless steel body and Western multi-width snow plow
Single axle snow plow truck with stainless steel body, spreader, wing, and plow.