Many government agencies that contend with hard winter climates are recognizing the financial, environmental and safety benefits offered by the use of salt brine. As a stand-alone product or an enhancement to granular material, the proper use of a brine solution can greatly reduce material usage and ultimately provide superior performance. Aspen Equipment can design and install the best Henderson line of brine systems for your specific application.

Not all options available on all brands or models.


  • Up to 7,500 GPH of brine production
  • Automated salinity management
  • Stationary installations or mobile devices
  • High capacity truck fill stations
  • Simultaneous filling of up to three trucks
  • Storage tank solutions
  • Two control options to suit your needs
  • Complete installation at your facility

Contact our Government Division for current inventory or specific options offered by Henderson.


Brine Infinity system installed in St. Paul, MN
Side-mounted Brine tank for Pre-Wet application