Aspen Equipment upfits mid-size Chevy with big-truck performance for a municipal customer in Minnesota

One of Aspen Equipment’s most challenging sign truck upfitting projects to date has been delivered to a municipal customer in Kanabec County, MN. The operation to upfit a mid-sized Chevrolet Silverado 6500 HD chassis cab was the kind of conversion that the company is frequently called upon to perform — but rarely to this level of specification.

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Helping People Succeed in Municipal Sales

During his five years at Aspen Equipment as a project manager and his transition to municipal sales, John Orzechowski has accrued lots of knowledge with the industry vehicles that Aspen Equipment sells, rents and builds.
What do you do on a daily basis?
I work with Aspen’s customers to quote a wide range of equipment, assist customers with finding the right equipment options to fulfill their needs, [and] work closely with Aspen’s Project management department to ensure customer requirements are being met during the production process.
How does your position “help people succeed” and how does it impact Aspen?
Aspen Equipment really does “help people succeed.” Every time I work with a customer to find the best possible truck design and best combination of equipment to do the job I “help them succeed” and do the job efficiently and safely .. Quoting the correct equipment configured in a way that is efficient to produce impacts Aspen’s ability to maintain profitability on my sales.
Any funny stories?
Customers always want more than they can fit on a truck..ALWAYS!
What’s your favorite/worst part of the job?
The parts of my job I enjoy the most are the relationships I have with both customers and the team of people at Aspen I work with daily to design quote and sell the complex equipment we deal with. I also really enjoy the problem solving that comes up often..(Customer wants this truck to be able to do this? How are we going to make that work?) I think [the] least favorite part of my job is the paperwork…But that comes with any job. Overall, I love what I do!