Aspen Equipment Sells Railroad Rental Division to Danella Companies Inc.

For over four decades, Minnesota-based Aspen Equipment Co. has catered to the needs of the railroad maintenance business through the production, service and rental of railroad truck equipment to customers spanning the U.S. and Canada, including Class 1, transit, short-line and rail contractors. As our railroad truck equipment business expands and evolves, we periodically look at the various aspects we offer and strive to provide continuously improving customer service. Sometimes these evolutions add more services and sometimes they cause us to reduce some offerings in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Through our strategic planning process, Aspen has decided to focus our resources and energies on the production and service of new railroad truck equipment. As such, we have decided to find a partner to acquire our rental fleet of rail truck equipment in order to redeploy those assets toward production, sales and service. Aspen has selected Danella Companies Inc., the leader in rail maintenance equipment rentals across North America, in an effort to continue to service existing rental customers. On March 1, 2020, Danella will acquire all railroad rental equipment and assume the associated rental contracts from Aspen Equipment. Read the entire press release on