Emerson Crane’s New Grove GMK6300L-1 Replaces Air Exchanger

Emerson Crane uses new Grove GMK6300L-1 all-terrain crane to replace air exchanger at Iowa food processing plant

  • New Grove GMK6300L-1 all-terrain crane was used to lift and place a 5,600-lb air exchanger at a 230-ft radius.
  • The crane was sold by Aspen Equipment’s Ankeny, Iowa, branch.

Emerson Crane Rental, a leading crane rental service based in Waterloo, Iowa, successfully completed a one-day air exchanger swap-out project in mid-April at a large food processing facility in Waterloo. The project, led by Cedar Rapids-based All Temp Refrigeration, contracted Emerson Crane Rental’s new Grove GMK6300L-1 all-terrain crane for the job.

The 5,600-lb air exchanger was smoothly lifted and moved to a radius of 230 ft using the high-capacity, 350 USt all-terrain crane, showcasing its remarkable stability and performance even at extended boom lengths.

John Emerson, owner of Emerson Crane Rental, praised the crane’s performance and the team involved.

“The Grove all-terrain crane performed flawlessly at a very long radius. It remained very stable with the full boom telescoped,” he said. “I’m proud of the team at Emerson Crane for their work on the air exchanger project. Their expertise and dedication ensured the job was completed with minimum disruption to the plant’s operation and within a tight timeframe.”

This project underscores Emerson Crane Rental’s commitment to providing top-tier crane rental services for various sectors, including commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural projects. The company also offers flatbed semi-trailer and step deck transportation services.

The Aspen Equipment Iowa service team and a Grove factory technician provided essential training to Emerson Crane Rental on properly using the Grove GMK6300L-1.

Emerson Crane Rental has been a proud customer and partner of Aspen Equipment for 15 years, acquiring numerous cranes from the dealer and rental house. These include the new GMK6300L-1, a National Crane 1400, two NBT60XLs, a Grove TMS9000E, a TMS9000-2, a GMK5275, and a GMK6400.