Crane Tech Career Path

Technical careers are in high demand, pay well, and provide a great return on your educational investment!

Check out our Field Tech video series below and hear about a tech career at Aspen Equipment from a technician’s point of view.

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Quick Start Learning Plan Summary:

This is an 18-month intensive training plan for an inexperienced technician to gain a broad but shallow knowledge of Grove or Manitowoc cranes. Focus is on basic competence to be safe, productive and revenue generating.

Quick Start Program includes:

  • Training on all computer and load indicator systems.
  • Software tools for calibrations, adjustments, flashing and troubleshooting.
  • Supplemental e-learning materials to support training.

If transitioning to Master Tech Learning Plan:

  • ~ Four additional classes required to complete any master tech training path.

Master Tech Learning Plan:

In-depth training plan to develop a product expert from the ground up. Focuses on detailed training of all intricacies and options on the product line to develop a subject matter expert. Typically takes 3-5 years.

Master Tech Learning Plan includes:

  • Curriculum covers single product line.
  • Teaching of oldest to newest control system, including generational variations.
  • Review of attachments and high-complexity options.
  • Software tools for calibrations, adjustments, flashing, and troubleshooting.